Free, Open Source Object Persistence Framework for
Free Pascal & Delphi

tiOPF Code Submission guidelines

tiOPF uses Git to manage all source code. Various parts of this project have been separated into 6 Git repositories.

The Git repository URL information can be found by following the links found on this page: http://sourceforge.net/p/tiopf/_list/git

To stand a greater chance of having your changes successfully submitted, the following list of guidelines needs to be followed.

  1. Make sure your local repository is up to date before you start working on a new feature or bug fixes.
    Type: git pull origin

  2. Always do your work in a feature branch! No matter how small, keep each feature or bug fix in a separate branch. Important!

  3. Make sure there are no conflicts and that everything compiles.

  4. Write unit tests for new feature you added. Important!

  5. Run all the unit tests to make sure you broke nothing. Important!

  6. If it is a new feature, supply a reasonable explanation in your commit comments or as a post to the newsgroup, so we can extract that information and add it to the documentation. To save us the work, you can always supply patches for the documentation too. ;-)

  7. Publish your feature branch somewhere public (eg: your personal Github account), or generate a set of patch files using Git. A public personal repository is the preferred option, but if you must, see git help format-patch on how to create a set of patch files from your feature branch.

Can I please emphasise the importance of (2), (4)  and (5)