Free, Open Source Object Persistence Framework for
Free Pascal & Delphi

Applications build with the tiOPF

These are the major projects it has been used for that I know about. If you have used the framework, and would like your project added here, please contact us.

Application Author Description
Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) Ian Krigsman

ian at discoverysystems.com.au

Written for the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre to:

* record the attendance of clients
* manage their progress at each stage of their visit (waiting, triage/assessment, consultation) 
* establish staff and clinic availability 
* maintain a staff roster 
* extrapolate attendance statistics to assess and improve the center's efficiency.

The system is written in Delphi 5 and uses tiOPF to access an Interbase (6.0) database. An early prototype using Paradox was migrated to the IBX layer with no changes to the business or front-end modules.
PBPro -
pawnbroking terminal system
ferrisoxide at iprimus.com.au PBPro uses the TechInsite framework to manage pawn contracts and client details, using the IBX layer to persist business objects in a Firebird 1.0 database.

The system is used at the point of contact with clients so has to be able to access all contract information quickly. Currently it's able to manage several thousand clients and related contracts on a moderately powerful box (Celeron 400) without excessively loading the CPU or memory.

PBPro is planned for release early Feburary 2003. The source code will be available on sourceforge.
Kan! - Knowledge Management System Nationality: Norwegian Company: BedriftsPedagogisk Senter Rune Rosenvinge

rosenvin at online.no

Customerbase: 30 companies Western Norway

Application: Commercial application for knowledge management/Business Intelligence.

Duration: Approx 4 man years. Written in: Delphi 5 Database(s): Oracle,SqlServer,Access

Typical DB size: 2GB Persistency: BDE,DOA,SDAC,ADO,ACCESS SDAC(SQLServer) and Access is selfwritten addons.

Q-Bar 2: Revolutionary EPoS system installed in many sites
around the world.
Andrew Denton

a_denton at blueyonder.co.uk
Q-Bar 2. This revolutionary EPoS system has been installed in many sites around the world. It primarily uses the IBX layer talking to a Firebird 1
database but SQL Server versions are also in use in Portugal. The software is designed for use in busy nightclubs, bars and restaurants and provides comprehensive sales analysis either locally or over a wide area network. Using tiOPF has brought stability and ease of  maintenance to what is a complex 600,000 line mission critical application.
Victorian Department of Human Services (Australia)

Integrated Reports and Information System (IRIS)

Ian Krigsman

ian at discoverysystems.com.au

IRIS is a client management system installed in over 600 agencies around Victoria for the Department of Human Services. These range from single desktop systems to a network of 30+ users.  The flexibility of dynamically loading the required tiOPF persistence layer enables the user to choose from either Firebird (Win and Linux), MS SQL Server or MS Access as their preferred database backend.  XML, TAB and CSV persistence layers are also utilized to perform import/export functions.
Master Maths:
M2 Computer Based Training system
Graeme Geldenhuys

graeme at mastermaths.co.za
The M2 CBT system is a maths tutoring system for students. It also contains a franchise management side which handles schedules, reporting and basic accounting. The product is used in over 250 franchises and 200 schools. The third major version of Master Maths' flagship product was rewritten from scratch to be a cross-platform product - switching to the Free Pascal Compiler in the process. tiOPF was chosen to handle the business objects and persistence side. To date, tiOPF was an excellent choice for handling our data persistence.
Master Maths:
M2 Worksheet Generator
Graeme Geldenhuys

graeme at mastermaths.co.za
The M2 Worksheet Generator is a system that generates worksheets or exam papers based on a pool of questions in a Firebird database. Its target audience is in Master Maths centres or public schools. The tutors can select pre-generated worksheets created by Head Office, or can generate their own. Worksheets can be generated based on any criteria selected in the treeview (language, grade, subject etc.). Worksheets can be previewed and altered before saved in the database. A answers paper can also be printed individually by the tutor to help with marking exams. This product was developed in Delphi 7 and Kylix 3 using tiOPF2. Only standard Delphi or Kylix components where used and one tiOPF GUI component (Splitter).

Screenshot 1:
The login screen
Screenshot 2:
Generating a worksheet